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Delter Coffee Press


A new brew method is here. Faster, cleaner & better tasting coffee!

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Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker deigned from the ground up, to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems-agitation. Uncontrolled agitation results in bitter coffee and inconsistent extraction. Delter’s unique Jet-Seal keeps the brew water and coffee grounds separated preventing uncontrolled agitation. Water contact is activated by actuating the Jet-Seal with pressure, offering complete control over water flow and agitation. The result is an exceptional cup like no other. Less bitterness with more clarity.

Brewing Guide

  1. Insert a filter in the cap and rinse under water
  2. Ensure Plunger is inserted and fully pushed down in brew chamber 
  3. Flip brew chamber over and fill the coffee chamber with a 12gr serve of ground coffee
  4. Twist the cap on, flip over onto your cup and start pouring 
  5. Fill to the line markings shown (200ml/serve) and place the lid on the top of the delter
  6. Raise Plunger to desired dosage and press
  7. Raise Plunger and repeat. Refill brew chamber for double batch serves
  8. Enjoy faster, cleaner, exceptional coffee!

Caution: Hot water is required and all precautions are necessary. Only use Delter Press and intended. Never use excessive force to press. Do not overfill coffee chamber. 


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BPA-Free Plastic
Brewing Method
Through Pressure
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